"The artwork for metal music is often designed to reflect the themes and styles present in the music itself."

This can include dark, gloomy, or violent imagery, as well as more fantastical or otherworldly themes. The artwork for metal albums may also include elements that are specific to the band or the individual album. Some metal bands put a lot of effort into creating visually striking artwork for their releases, as they see it as an important part of the overall package and a way to stand out in a crowded market.

Frequently asked questions

Can you design a cover for my band?

I'm currently not available for custom work, sorry.

Do you only sell each cover once?

Yes, each cover is only sold once and is removed from sale immediately after purchase. We keep a copy of the original graphic in case you need to download it again.

Can you add a logo to a cover?

Yes, we can add your logo and/or album title to a cover. Please contact us with your request.

Can the covers be used as Vinyl covers?

Yes, the 13x13 inch / 4000x4000 px covers are perfect for 12' Vinyl covers as they require 12.375x12.375 inches plus bleed.

Can I ask for modifications?

The covers come as they are. It's very hard to modify the designs unless it's a very minor change. Please contact us with your request.

Can you design a bakside/CD label/booklet?

I'm currently not available for custom work, sorry.

Are these AI generated images?

I use many mediums when creating the covers; photography, textures, painting in Photoshop, also including AI generated images.

Do you offer other payment options?

Currently we can only accept payments via Paypal.com
Keep in mind that you can pay with any card via Paypal, no account needed.

Things to
keep in mind

1. Relevance to the music

The cover artwork should be directly related to the music it represents and provide a visual representation of the album's themes, lyrics, or style.

2. Impactful imagery

The cover should grab the attention of potential listeners, whether it's through striking colors, bold typography, or evocative imagery.

3. Creativity

An interesting and unique design will help the album stand out from the competition, making it more likely to be remembered and shared by listeners.

4. Audience appeal

It is important to consider the audience when designing the cover artwork. The cover should appeal to the target audience and should be appropriate for the genre of music.

5. Conceptualization

The cover artwork should have a concept or story behind it, it should be able to convey a message or meaning. It should be able to evoke emotions and thoughts from the viewer.

6. Scalability

The cover artwork should be able to be reproduced at various sizes and resolutions, including small thumbnail images on streaming services, to make sure it maintains its impact and legibility.