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Harvest of the Wretched

Eternal Flames of Damnation

Shadows of the Soulless Dawn

Legacy of Fallen Thrones

Unholy Annihilation

Cursed Halls of the Vacant Dead

Malignant Shadows

Chalice of the Voided Spirits

Inferno of the Empty Soul

Mortal Echoes of Emptiness

Cryptic Dirge of the Hollow

Cryptic Emissaries of Evil

The Mourning

Melodies in Shadows

Ominous Echoes of Decay

Dancing in Flames

Abyss of Synthetic Souls

Dreadful Nocturne

Chalice of Eternal Damnation

Hymns of the Unhallowed



Mournful Echoes of Solitude

Throne of the Fallen

The Weight of Despair